Pune is fast emerging as the Best Property Investment Destination | Property Investment Options in Pune
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Pune is fast emerging as the Best Property Investment Destination

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Owing to the enhanced connectivity to Mumbai and massive government initiatives to develop infrastructure, Pune has emerged as the preferred property investment destination by investors looking for both rental income and capital appreciation. If you are looking at the best property investment options in Pune, here are a few areas where you must look closely.

Hinjewadi IT Park and Balewadi Sports Complex

The prime drivers of the Pune real estate boom are the areas of Hinjewadi IT Park and Balewadi Sports Complex. Apartments in these areas attract a higher rent than surrounding areas. Known as Maharashtra’s ‘Silicon Valley’, Pune has the highest number of IT companies in Hinjewadi and attracts thousands of qualified job seekers who can afford paying high rents due to their high salaries. The surging rental rates are the prime reason property investors prefer Hinjewadi.

Wakad is located in the highly developed PCMC area

Wakad displays multiple positive market drivers which keep its real estate market vibrant and preferred. Its proximity to the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and the thriving IT hub of Hinjewadi, Wakad is attracting a lot of young highly paid working professionals, which is the prime reason it has become a focus destination for property investors. Wakad is also located near the thriving PCMC Industrial Area, which adds to its importance as one of the best property investment destinations in Pune. Wakad’s civic infrastructure is at par with the best in the region, has an efficient drainage system and boasts of one of the best roads in Pune.

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